How to setup Laravel on Windows with Laragon

This article “How to setup Laravel on Windows with Laragon” going to teach you how to setup a fully functional development environment on Windows.

Usually developer use Linux to develop in laravel but today we will see how we can use laravel on windows. This will cover configure virtual host for our application.

In case you are a Linux user you can follow the article on How to install laravel on Linux . Complete guide to install laravel 5.8 on linux.

Step 1 – Install Laragon

 A super-simple user interface for managing Laravel as well as almost anything else you can think of, Laragon is like WAMP/XAMPP built from the ground up for ease of use and perfect compatibility with Laravel.

To install Laragon on our computer we gonna follow those steps

– Go to the official website

– Download the full package

There will be some numbers afterward the word “Laragon”; don’t worry if they are different to what is shown here, just hit that button!

  • You will be taken to a site called Sourceforge and a timer will start before the download starts. If the download does not start after 15 seconds press “direct link” and the download should start.
Laragon download page

– Intall the downloaded excutable

Choose the default option unless you know what do you want specifically. After you install it. Launch Laragon.

Laragon start page

Press the Settings cog and navigate to General then check Auto virtual host.
 Leave all other setting default and exit the settings window.

Step 2 – Using laragon to install laravel

Go to Menu > Laravel > Create Project > Laravel 5 and give your project a name.

Laragon create project

After that a terminal window will open up. An automated installation of Laravel 5 and all of its dependencies should start.

Automatic installation of laravel
Automatic installation of laravel

Open a browser window and navigate to

If all the step in this article executed without any problem you should see your welcome page.

Laravel Home page

Here is the end of our article on “How to setup Laravel on Windows with Laragon“. Now you are ready to develop with Laravel On Windows. Note that Laragon will automatically create database and generate key for for application. As usual if you get any trouble while install leave a comment.

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