Authentication scaffolding with Laravel 6

Since Laravel 5.x we use the artisan command php artisan make:auth to scaffold authentication but there’s a little change. Let’s take a look in how to Authentication scaffolding with Laravel 6.

If you don’t want to read all here is the change and the new way to scaffold now.

composer require laravel/ui --dev
php artisan ui vue --auth

What’s new ?

With the new release of Laravel 6.X you maybe a little bit disappointed when you try the old artisan command php artisan make:auth to scaffold the authentication. It has been moved to another package and it’s better. Now we can scaffold authentication with many fronted framework like react or vuejs.

Why ?

In simple word for me it’s for better implementation. Notice the scaffolding package laravel/ui we install it only for development because we do not need it in production.

If we already have our authentication files generated why keep the generator?

How to get the package back?

Like you probably notice in the begin of the post we install it like a regular package. I recommend like Laravel documentation to install it only on development and not in production.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Scaffold authentication with laravel 6

  1. Install laravel

    If you do not install laravel this tutorial is not useful. Just a reminder to install it look at the docs. Or refer to one of our articles.

  2. Require the package with composer

    composer require laravel/ui --dev

  3. Generate authentication for vue

    php artisan ui vue --auth

  4. (optional) Generate authentication for react

    php artisan ui react --auth

    If you already generate for vue you don’t need to do the same thing for react. Just use your favorite front-end framework


In the article authentication scaffolding with laravel 6 we talk about the change in the framework. We see how about the new way to scaffold authentication. You can use your favorite fronted framework to scaffold authentication. We have a new package laravel/ui to generate them now.

Thank you for reading. If you need help leave a comment or trigger the chat button to get an instant reply.

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